What is Cengage Unlimited for Institutions?


Cengage Unlimited for Institutions is a scalable content license that flexes with your unique enrollment needs. This model provides a single sign-on experience, making it easy for your students and faculty to access all Cengage digital learning materials on day-one through an institution’s learning management system. Resources for students extend beyond course-specific tools and provide access to career and college success tips, study tools and additional support services. Your faculty is supported through onboarding, training and professional development. Together, we build a partnership action plan to support the ongoing success of your institution. With Cengage Unlimited for Institutions, we’re with you every step of the way.

Purchase Options

Group Access


Access for a select group of students defined by your institution.

Unlimited Campus Access


Yearly campus license for access to our full library for students.

Pay-As-You-Go Access


Only pay for what students use.



The advantage of an institutional model for Cengage Unlimited is streamlined access on day one, scaled cost savings and end to end support. You need to be ready to deliver an affordable, engaging and effective experience for all learners. Cengage has experience doing this quickly, working side-by-side with institutions, at scale. Our solution offers:


Affordable, First Day Access



Cengage Unlimited is a platform that gives your students access to digital course materials across 675 course areas—all in one place (no course-by-course implementation)—to deliver a consistent, high-quality learning experience with flexible purchase options.


Engaging and Effective Learning at Scale


Our dynamic learning tools will engage students in remote learning, while a suite of comprehensive academic services, including curriculum design, outcomes tracking, online proctoring and tutoring will ensure learning effectiveness.


Comprehensive Implementation Services


We offer training and professional development for your faculty, onboarding help for your students, and a dedicated support team to help you integrate our solution into your existing learning management system, while providing 24/7 support.

The Ivy Tech Story: Innovation and Affordability at Scale

Learn more about out how Ivy Tech adopted Cengage Unlimited for Institutions and almost immediately increased their student success by 2%.

Carrington College:

Cengage Unlimited for Institutions Helps Provost Define Direction of Curriculum, Enhancing the Quality of Education for All

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